In HOME, Cephus Miles, an orphan, has inherited a small farm in South Carolina from his family. Young and strong, he is content to work the land—until his childhood sweetheart rejects him and goes off to college. Not believing in the Vietnam war, Cephus is imprisoned as a draft evader for refusing to serve. He loses his land to the tax collector and heads north to build a new life. With a good job and a slinky new girlfriend, he finds the big city exciting and rewarding. Soon after, the dream begins to fade—Cephus loses his job and sinks into drugs and prostitution. Ultimately, he returns to South Carolina and back to the land with his old sweetheart. Despite all, he has never lost his joyous goodwill and the conviction that one day his quest for fulfillment will be rewarded.

Venue: African American Art & Culture Complex, Buriel Clay Theater, 762 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94102