The Bigger Picture”

At a time when many artist are engaging in identity politics, focusing on single issues of race, gender or the environment, in his current body of work, Ben Jones proposes that through art we can see The Bigger Picture. With an expansive gaze, this exhibition explores the connection and relationships between the complex and challenging issues we face as a global community.

Through paintings, installations and digital formats, The Bigger Picture will map the disruptions that are happening in our world, inviting the viewer to engage with the interconnecting issues that confront our planet and humanity.  Articulating the exhibition’s rationale, Ben Jones notes, “My art has principally focused on African Spirituality, humanism and politics. Over the past five years, I have begun to focus on the intersection of these areas with global warming, racism, capitalism and human relationships. We are the ones ultimately responsible for the positive maintenance of our planet for present and future generations. Through this work, I hope to raise consciousness and provoke reflection that can be channeled into action.”

OPENING RECEPTION//April 4th, 2019 6-9pm//