The Board of Directors of the African American Art & Culture Complex is thrilled to announce the hiring of new – well, old and new! – executive leadership: Melonie Green and Melorra Green will serve as co-directors of the cultural center, effecitve immediately.

“Affectionately known as ‘The Twins,’ Melonie and Melorra are superstars in the arts and beloved members of our community, and they have a long history with our center,” said the Rev. Arnold Townsend, president of the AAACC Board of Directors.

“This is like a homecoming for us – a dream come true. The African American Art & Culture Complex is the place where we were first coined ‘curators’ by the then-Executive Director, London Breed. It was where we nurtured and grew a community, felt safe to fail and encouraged to succeed, and developed an arts scene. Half of our artistic resume was created at the Center,” said Melorra.

 And what a resume it is. 

Over the past decade, Melonie Green and Melorra Green have produced more than 70 exhibits and 100 public events; earned eight prestigious awards and honors; have been recognized dozens of times by media outlets including the San Francisco Chronicle; have taught classes all over the Bay Area; and mentored, supported and assisted thousands of artists.

“Melorra and I are committed to building and contributing to a strong and thriving arts industry that will directly impact African American artists, elders and youth in the neighborhood, the City and beyond. This leadership opportunity will truly give us the space to fulfill this goal through collaboration with the staff, resident organizations, community members and extended partners of the Center,” said Melonie. “We know it will take all of us to do this together. We’re ready!”

“Since leaving the Center a few years ago, the Twins have gone on to produce incredible, well-received work in other places. They’ve also continued to work, teach, organize and lift people up in the community,” said PJ Johnston, AAACC secretary. “We want that commitment, energy and leadership back at AAACC.” 

“We knew this was the right choice. Melonie and Melorra have a long history of artistic excellence at the Center. We are very excited about their return home,” said AAACC Treasurer James Kass.

Melonie Green, Melorra Green at the AAACC Board of Directors ask that all friends and stakeholders join together in the coming weeks to launch the center into a new era of artistic excellence and community support. 

Please be on the look out for more information in the very near future, including a community-based welcome celebration being planned now.

More to come …!