Sargent Johnson Gallery Presents:

Karen Seneferu’s “The Heir Done Pulled” is a solo show that is seven years in the making at the African American Art and Cultural Complex. This is significant on multiple levels. Mrs. Seneferu is the founder and co-curator of a multi-media exhibition of over 60 Black women artists entitled “The Black Woman Is God” (TBWIG) that has garnered extreme success for the last three years, drawing attention to Black women artists who have historically been left out as prominent contributors to the art world. She is also returning to the home where TBWIG was birthed.

Seneferu’s solo exhibit reflects the multifaceted journey of her as artist, curator, and educator. Through her visual language, she embodies film, assemblage, installation, drawing, sculpture, and painting. Seneferu has worked to combine the African esthetic and technology, family and community, visible and the invisible that reveal trauma but resilience of Black people. Seneferu’s work ultimately conveys that she has everything buy nothing to do with being an artist, for she has been pulled into spaces that she has then designed for herself but only through bringing others with her.

Exhibition Dates: August 15 – November 2, 2019

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-6pm. Saturday 12-5pm