AAACC, Born Collaborators, The People’s Dispensary, and Equity Sessions SF invite YOU to join us for a Canna Conference for the People. You must RSVP to secure your seat.


Thursday, August 1st

Celebration & Ritual: New Moon in Leo

We open the conference with a celebration ritual to honor the power of plant medicine. Spiritual guides lead us in a celebration under this new moon – in Leo. There will be rituals and offerings in honor of this plant and all she has to offer for our health, impacting generational wealth, and the ability to heal from the War on Drugs.

► 7PM-8PM Community Altar for Ancestors & Say Their Name Wall

Led by Aima Paule

► 8PM-10PM New Moon Ceremony

Led by Bushmama Africa


Friday, August 2nd

The Artists’ Way: Calling in the Gods

Celebrating art and culture, we lift up the name of the artistic geniuses in the Black and Brown Communities. In honor of James Baldwin and in celebration of his birthday, we host a spoken word/reading series and screening of the Netflix original documentary called The Grass is Greener by FabFive Freddy.

► 7PM-9PM Film Presentation Grass is Greener

Netflix Original by FabFive Freddy


Saturday, August 3rd

The State of Cannabis: A Call to Action

► 11AM WELCOME – Melonie Green & Melorra Green

Co-Executive Directors of the African American Art & Culture Complex

► 11:30AM-12PM KEYNOTE

How to unlock the promise, profit and power of Social Equity

Christine De La Rosa, CEO and Co-Foundet | The People’s Dispensary

Synopsis: Everyone is talking about social equity but very few are actually benefiting from social equity. How to tap into our collective power to make sure our communities achieve the promise and profit of the cannabis social equity movement while retaining our power.

► 12PM-1PM The State of Cannabis: A Call to Action (Panel)

Moderated by Nina Parks of Equity Sessions


Karim Mayfield

Rico Dollar

Ranae- Kikoko

► 1PM-2:30PM Lunch Strategy Session

(Lunch Provided) Grab Lunch & Help Us Strategize Next Steps

Facilitated by Equity Sessions SF and The People’s Dispensary SF

► 2:45PM-3:30PM

Fireside Chat Series I

Room 1: Equity Trade Certification Ramone

Room 2: Everything you need to know but didn’t know to ask about running a dispensary.

Presentation & Q & A

Charleen Caabay

Field Operations

National Co-Founder

The People’s Dispensary

► 3:45PM-4:30pm

Fireside Chat Series II

Room 1: The Economic Way to Enter into the Cannabis Industry

Chaney Turner

Culture & Policy

National Co-Founder

The People’s Dispensary

Synopsis: Breaking down all the businesses that support the cannabis industry. You may already be in the auxiliary cannabis industry, learn how to maximize your profit. – ChaneyTBA


Sunday, August 4th

BLACK AUGUST: Revolution: Unity and Resistance

In celebration of Black August, we pay homage, celebrate the contributions of Black radical thought to POC movements. We create an altar in honor of political prisoners who have given their lives and freedom to the movement. Participants are invited to participate in a letter writing campaign to Ruchell Magee, sole survivor of the Marin County Riots.

In the words of Mumia Abu-Jamal, “August is a month of meaning, of repression and radical resistance, of injustice and divine justice, of repression and righteous rebellion, of individual and collective efforts to free the slaves and break the chains that bind us.”

► 12PM Healing through (the) Movement

Dance Studio A, 3rd Floor

Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi

► 12PM-1PM Black August Ceremony

Hall of Culture, 3rd Floor

All African People’s Revolutionary Party

We honor the founders of Black August and speak to the vision of today! Mama Tarika Lewis

► 1PM-2:30PM Town Hall

► 2:30PM-3:30PM Ongoing Call to Action & Services

Conference Room, 3rd Floor

★ Letter Writing Campaign – Ruchell Magee

★ Get Your Records Expunged

★ Know Your Rights Training

► 3:30PM-4PM Writer, Michele Lee

Hall of Culture, 3rd Floor

► 4PM Closing Remarks