The Village Dancers was originally design and established in 2000 as a part of the degree Dance program offered at San Francisco State University under the direction of Dr. Albirda Rose. Dr. Rose was the Dance education specialist, during her tenure at the University. Upon her retirement, she has continued with the program as faculty Emeritus, working with both the University and Crossroads Charitable Foundation. As a Master Instructor in Dunham Technique Dr. Rose uses the Dunham model of “Socialization Through the Arts” and “Inter-Cultural Communication” to train not only youth and teens in the community but also as a vehicle to train future teachers of dance. These are students who attend the University or others who desire to work with and understand the diversity and richness of the unique communities throughout the Bay Area.

The Mission of the Village Dancers is to provide free dance lessons to youth who are deserving but unable to explore the Art form due to economic difficulties.