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In the wake of COVID19, the African American Art & Culture Complex created a values-based COVID Program Pivot Plan designed to support our community of artists, activists, seniors, children, youth, and families who have been impacted by the pandemic either because of sickness or the shelter-in-place order. Closer: 6 Feet Apart is a witness and reflection of how the Black community in the San Francisco/Bay Area has both responded and united during both a global pandemic and social justice uprising. 

While we are an arts organization, we have always found it necessary to provide programs that couple arts with social services and build access to opportunities that lead to economic parity and equity. In our first inquiry about the impacts of the pandemic – three weeks into shelter-in-place, three top issues were consistently communicated from Black creatives and community members: 

  • Money – loss of jobs, gig cancellations, capacity to complete granting opportunities 
  • Resources to support – Unemployment impacts ability to afford housing, eviction harassment from landlords, Solution overwhelm – where do you begin?, How do you know what financial pathway is for you?, specific access to creative outlets 
  • Isolation – low-vibration due to isolation, addressing feelings that come up with loneliness, mental health breakdowns from stagnation.  

With a vision of being The Center of Black Joy, our focus is on making an impact for Black creatives by providing free participation in our virtual membership platform, in addition to an opportunity to be a part of our Professional Development Accelerator, Ubuntu Resource Fund, and Opulence of Black Programs. The anticipated outcomes are an exhibition – opening July 20, 2020, book, documentary, and album.

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