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Idris Hassan is a photographer and cultural documentarian working in Oakland, CA and throughout the Bay Area. She is a graduate of Cal State East Bay and Naropa University with a Masters in Liberal Arts. Hassan’s work explores the deep context between the subjects and their environment, incorporating the themes of healing, belonging, and an exploration of the Diaspora. With an archive of twenty plus years of work, Hassan has traveled abroad capturing the visual essence of various communities. While transitioning from 35mm photography to digital, Idris began to incorporate collage mixed media works into her portfolio. Before working in visual media, Idris held a career as an entertainment journalist, contributing to various national publications such as VIBE and Rap Sheet. During a residency with Green Olive Arts in Morocco, Africa, she produced a mixed media series entitled “From Kemet to Cotton: Sankofa”, which explores the connection between the ancient African civilization of Kemet and the enslaved African’s history with the currency known as cotton. Her photography, mixed media, and collage work have been featured in the “Black Artists on Art” Legacy Exhibit at Oakstop Gallery, the Annual “Art of Living Black” Exhibition at the Richmond Art Center, the “Oakland Women's Day” exhibition at Betti Ono Gallery, Afro Solo's ``Reflecting the Light Series`` at the San Francisco Public Library, and at various exhibitions in the Bay Area. Ms. Hassan's work has also been featured in the Summer 2015 issue of “African Voices”, a Collection of Soulful Art and Literature. In 2018 her photography was featured in “Photoville” in Brooklyn, NY and in 2019 at Photoville: LA as part of the exhibition “Alter: Prayer, Ritual, Offerings” curated by Women Photographers of the African Diaspora. In 2020 she was a featured artist in ``Don't Shoot: An Opus to the Opulence of Blackness`` at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. Idris Hassan is a documentarian and participating artist in the annual ``Black Woman is God Exhibition``. Photo by Sasha Kelley (TBWIG ``Divine Revolution`` 2017)

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